How does a stretch ceiling work ?

How does a stretch ceiling work ?

just 2 Components can change your ceiling

Such a simple concept that revolutionized the ceiling industry in the 1970s. A French inventor and visionary Mr. Fernand Scherrer. Thank you.

More than 50 years have passed and the concept is still the same.

# 2 Components transform your ceiling.

  • The track or profile or frame or cornice   (different word for the same product)
  • The membrane or film or fabric or vinyl   (different word for the same product)

The profile is leveled and put around the perimeter of the room’s walls. A male interior harpoon receiver is included in the profile. An external female hooking harpoon is also factory-installed on the membrane. The installer will hang the membrane’s harpoon on the profile with a straight spatula.


profile and membrane

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