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Q: How come I’ve never heard of Stretch Ceilings?

A: The Stretch Ceiling System was first introduced in Europe in the 1970s, but it gained popularity in the 1990s. It is currently in great demand. Nonetheless, the stretch ceiling has never been marketed in the retail market before because it has always been utilized primarily by the building industry and interior designers, which is why there isn’t much information available.


Q: Can Stretch Ceilings be utilized anywhere?

A: Anywhere a ceiling needs to be installed, renovated, or decorated, whether indoors or out?

Q: Is there any special maintenance required for the Stretch Ceiling System?

A: The Stretch Ceiling System needs NO MAINTENANCE. It may be cleaned with ordinary household cleaning chemicals or with soap and water if necessary.
Strong chemicals or solvents should be avoided as they may void the guarantee.

Q: What is a Stretch Ceiling, exactly?

A Stretch Ceiling is a suspended ceiling system with two parts: a Track and a Lightweight Membrane that stretches and clips onto the Track.

Q: Is NewTech’s Stretch Ceiling recyclable?

A: Yes, this sort of ceiling is completely recyclable, making it environmentally beneficial.

Q: How long does a Stretch Ceiling last?

A: Our ceilings keep all of their technical features for many years, as evidenced by the fact that numerous Stretch Ceilings are still in use after twenty years.

Q: Is it possible to clean a Stretch Ceiling?

A: A Stretch Ceiling does not need to be cleaned in typical use. If it gets stained, you may clean it with soap and water or a typical home cleaning solution.

Any abrasive substance must not be used on a glossy (Lacquer) ceiling. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want any assistance.

Q: Are there multiple colors for Stretched Ceilings?

 A: We have One of the largest choice of finishes on the market.

Matte, Satin, Glossy, Reflective, Translucent, Suede, Clear, Acoustic, Chameleon, Pearl, Glitter, Sparkling, Faux Leather, Metallic, Glass, Mirror, Printed, Double view, Carved, Sky & Cloud.

Q: Can NewTech Stretch Ceilings be used in a high-traffic area?

A: Because Stretch Ceiling Systems are made of a non-flammable PVC membrane, they are rated Class I in the United States, meeting the standards of the ASTM E84 Flame Spread Test and successfully meeting UL criteria.

Q: What is the distance between the stretch ceiling and the original ceiling?

A: The Stretch Ceiling is installed 3/4 inch below the previous ceiling, and the laser level will ensure that your new one is perfectly flat.

Q: Is there any air movement between the old and new ceilings?

A: Yes, because the track is not airtight, some airflow between the two ceilings is possible.

Q: Is it possible to utilize Batica-Renov Stretch Ceiling membrane as an acoustical product?

A: With the micro-perforated option, a stretch ceiling can operate as a sound absorber. It can absorb up to 65 percent of noise, according to sound requirements testing.

Q: What happens if material from the old ceiling, such as paint chips, falls on the new ceiling?

A: The Stretch Ceiling can be readily dismantled and rebuilt to gain access to the space above, however paint chips would not be seen from below and would not be noticeable anyhow.

Q: What’s the difference between a Matte, Satin, and Lacquer finish?

A: Because the surface is a little rough, the Matte finish has a texture that appears like regular paint.
Satin has a smooth and flat feel with a slight sheen. This is a good balance of matte and glossy (Lacquer).
The lacquer finish reflects light and aesthetically expands the room (a bright room will seem to have a mirror on the ceiling).


Q: Is the Stretch Ceiling System exclusive to Europe?

A: No, no, Apart from being a popular and in-demand product in Europe, it is also available in 120 countries throughout the globe, including the United States.

Q: How long does it take to install a 200-square-foot stretch ceiling?

A: It depends on the task’s intricacy, but a typical 200-square-foot room may be installed in four hours.

Q: How resilient are NewTech Stretch Ceilings?

A: Because the membrane can store around 26 gallons of water per 10 square feet, this type of ceiling can help your home prevent serious water damage.

Q: Is it possible to harm the Stretch Ceiling? Is it possible to fix it?

A: Because the film membrane is thin and susceptible to puncture from sharp objects, it can be punctured. However, depending on the severity of the damage, it may be healed.

Q: Is it possible to harm the Stretch Ceiling? Is it possible to fix it?

A: Because the film membrane is thin and susceptible to puncture from sharp objects, it can be punctured. However, depending on the severity of the damage, it may be healed.

Q: What are the advantages of the Stretch Ceiling system?

A: A lot of information on the stretch ceiling may be found on the internet.
The majority of stretch ceiling clients are satisfied, and in our experience, 100% of our customers are completely satisfied with their new ceiling and frequently install another one later. The feedback is consistently favorable, leading to several referrals.

A high-gloss finish is ideal for giving the impression of more space. Stretch ceilings also aid in energy conservation by adding additional layer of insulation, lowering heating and cooling costs.

The solution is excellent for hiding faults in the original ceiling, such as cracks, unevenness, and discoloration. Stretch ceilings are low-maintenance and easy to clean.

Q: Can a champagne cork strike damage the NewTech Stretch Ceiling membrane?

A: Not if it’s popped the traditional way, but… If you’re sabering a bottle of champagne, then yes, it could happen.

Is it possible to print any image on Stretch Ceilings?

A: Yes, any photo-ready bespoke art can be UV printed on the NewTech Stretch Ceiling Film Membrane, which is a totally new technology.

Q: Can lights or spotlights be included into the Stretch Ceiling Batica-Renov?

A: The Stretch Ceiling System may accommodate any sort of light source, as well as existing light fixtures and loudspeakers or vents.

Q: What are the materials used to make Stretch Ceilings?

A: We utilize several textures of PVC film membrane made specifically for Stretch Ceilings in Germany, France, and Holland.

Q: What is the warranty on NewTech Stretch Ceilings?

A: A 10-year harpoon welding guarantee is included with all NewTech Stretch Ceilings. A limited time guarantee applies to any recessed pvc « rings » or platforms for: A.C. vents, chandeliers, spotlights, smoke detectors, and other recessed goods. Any damage to these PVC rings is not the responsibility of NewTech.
No one is allowed to modify or touch the PVC rings. Their job is to keep the membrane in the proper shape.
The rings are correctly glued to the membrane and will remain in place indefinitely without any external manipulation, modification, or alteration. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any more queries. Christian.

Q: What are the payment terms, methods, and conditions?

A: Cash, money order, Zelle & bank transfert or certified bank check are all acceptable forms of payment (please, no personal checks).

Because the Stretch Ceiling Membrane is custom produced and cut with the finest care to match exactly the dimensions of your room and your room only, we require a 50% upfront payment. Once the ceiling is installed, the remainder is paid in full (the very day of completion).

Q: Is the Stretch Ceiling at NewTech France still active?

A: Yes, we have a staff in France that deals with a large client base and their referrals, as it is a highly popular product in other countries (mainly in Europe). Our local teams, like our Florida-based team, provide bids, installation, and outstanding customer service.

Q: Can NewTech Stretch Ceiling be put anywhere?

A: Yes, Commercial areas – Residential houses – indoor Pools – Children’s rooms – Spas – Hotels – Recording studios – Hospitals – Labs – Medical & Dental offices – Night clubs – Car dealerships –  Restaurants – Airports – Auditoriums – Boats

Q: Will the Stretch Ceiling installation process make my room dusty?

A: No, the installation process is really tidy and takes only a day or two. There will be very little dust. You will immediately feel « at home » after the installation technician has completed his work.

Q: Is it necessary to relocate any furniture before installing a Stretch Ceiling?

A: The less objects in the room, the easier and faster the installation will be, thus we strongly advise removing any delicate or precious items, plants, chocolate, or anything else that might melt during the heat installation prior to installing the stretch ceiling.

Q: Is it necessary to remove an existing popcorn ceiling before installing the Stretch Ceiling System?

A: No, no, There is no need to prepare anything before to installing a stretch ceiling. Removing the popcorn is not required (No mess). It’s a simple procedure that doesn’t require any scraping or leveling of the existing surface.

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